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    Huge steal of a different sort (Scan and story inside)

    Well it all started a few weeks ago. I found a card on ebay that I needed for my Luongo collection. I stopped trying to obtain 100% after the 05-06 season, and being at 95% up till then I am always excited to get the last few pieces. So a 05-06 SPx spectrum dual jersey came up and the seller had it listed for $149.99 or so. The price was outrages, but being one of the last cards I needed I was willing to pay $80, so that is what I offered. Seller responded with $100, saying that was the absolute lowest he could go. I passed as I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a plain jersey card. Well it obviously didn't sell and the same seller listed it at auction. So I set a snipe at $80, and figured I would win it. I won the card and best part about it, total cost was $13.50

    So even though I thought I was going to lose out on this card, one I have never seen before, it still pays to wait people out. The best offer option has ruined a lot of the ability for player/set collectors to get cards they need. But this time, I come out on top!
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    Congrats man! You just stick with the Pathers stuff and leave the Canucks stuff alllllll alone now hahahahaa!!

    As someone who sold a Spectrum Heatley / Alfredsson for $11, I'm thinking these cards are wayyyyy overpriced in the guides eh?

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    Nice pickup. I love when I find a PC whale and its going for dirt cheap. Gives my bank account a big breather.
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    Nice card for a very good price. It is always nice to be a able to get a card for a more reasonable amount than what a seller is determined to get for it with a buy it now or best offer.
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    Those are the most satisfying kinds of ebay wins. $80 would have been a more than fair offer right off the bat, one that frankly the seller should have taken right off the bat. Over a $60 loss trying to squeeze out an extra $20. Good for you, ouch on the seller.

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    I have hit a couple of these. Nothing better than setting a max bid at 100-150 dollars and getting a card for 10-20.

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