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    Any Texans or Johnathan Joesph fans interested in this?

    Bowman Chrome 1/1 Gold/Superfractor RC card

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    IDK why the pic won't just post like I see on other people's posts but there is a link to the card on my photobucket

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxdominator View Post
    I love it u cab check me plz
    Can ya gimme a link to your bucket?

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    honestly i just have the list in my sig but if you need scans of any i can get them for you

    by the way in the trading areas pics only show up as links.
    in the selling areas they acutally show up just trying to help put

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    Only thing I saw that kinda interested me is the Emmitt GU jersey. anything else FT not on that list?

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    2012 certified new generation luke kuechly auto /49
    2002 score qb challenge boomer easison jsy untouched
    2002 score qb challenge aarron brooks patch stitching untouched

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    hey is the magic coin up for trade?if so cmb

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