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    Who does Nascar in person graphing?

    Hi i was wondering who graphs Nascar because i have some questions. My first question is how many autos do you get during the weekend? Also i know some tracks do signings and i was wondering how many do you try and get from one driver before you go to the next. I go to Dover each year and do fine but i only take 1 auto each and i like the hero cards they have but i was thinking about doing cards this year and i wonder if i should try more than 1 card for drivers or should i ask for 2 hero cards. Thanks Chris

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    i graphed dover last year, i had hot garage passes. i walked away with over 200 autographs from the weekend. most came friday and saturday. Ive graphed watkins glenn as well with the same credentials and gotten over 200 autos as well. My first year doing nascar i had pit passes and got about 35 autos all weekend. As far as doing multiples i say go for it as i do every year guys like jj yeley do everything you give them other drivers like paul menard ryan newman and aj almindinger do multiples ranging from 3+ each time.

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    Thanks 84c4vette. It good to hear that drivers sign more than one.

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    I have graphed Watkins Glen for the past 15 years. It all depends on time and place. I've gotten nearly everybody at some point or another, and most are pretty accomodating with reasonable multiples. I also have a pretty exclusive credential that gets me to Dale Jr's motor coach on Sunday before the race. There are only 12 of us every year, and they ask that we only get one item done. He does pose for a nice pic with you and answer questions, and we get about 15-20 minutes with him before they take us to see the rest of the crew in the garage.
    As far as Mr. Tony Stewart, you probably have a better chance of seeing the Lord. He is VERY difficult at the track, or anywhere around town during the weekend. If you are lucky enough to get him, don't push your luck trying for more. I have gotten him 1 time in all the years he has been coming here, and that was last year at the "Seat Swap" show that the Speed Channel did with him and Lewis Hamilton. I got him one on one at the airport as he was heading out of town, and he was actually very nice to me (that encounter is written up in my yanks39 IP thread) The stars must have all been aligned because he doesn't sign at the airport either. Just plain luck that day.
    Good luck, and if you need to know any specifics you can shoot me a PM.

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    Tony stewart is deffinatly by far the hardest to get, suprisingly in dover he went down the line and signed for everybody after practice!

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    I graphed the Poconos once and got Mike Helton and Joe Gibbs. I've heard Gibbs is a pretty decent signer at races.

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    The best way is official drive appearances and things of that nature. They normally have tons of autograph sessions for the sponsers and promotional things. I had Garage passes 2 years ago at the Daytona 500 got some nice stuff that way but 500 passes are extremely hard to get

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