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    Master Buying LaDainian Tomlinson Thread. Bring them to me!! Round 2!!

    Alright gang I am making this thread to serve as my master buying thread for LaDainian Tomlinson. I will be looking for anything I can get my hands on of him, with a few exceptions.

    Please Read:

    I am going to leave photobucket links to my Base, Inserts, Rookies and #ed Inserts. This is for you to know what I already have and what I will be looking for. Everything is nice a neatly organized so you will be able to go to anything you are looking for very easily.

    Add from last time::: Please check these scans. It's always up to date and it will save you from posting things I already have

    Base: Looking for anything I currently don't have!

    Inserts: Looking for anything I currently don't have!

    #ed Inserts: Currently looking for any I don't have with 1 exception. If it is very low #ed I will look at getting doubles!

    Rookies: Here's where I am picky. I will only get rookies of him that have been graded by PSA or BGS and the grades must be PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 or higher!

    Add from last thread::: I will take rookies that are not graded, but there is still a catch. They have to be mint to the eye... Which means nothing wrong with the corners or edges back or front. So mint to the eye

    And lastly I am after any Jerseys, Patches, Autos or 1 of 1's. Or a combination of those. I will take anything weather it be just him or duals,triples or quads with other people. Of course you know I'll be looking for deals but I am always willing to work with anyone that will work with me. SCF is a great place and I have made a lot of friends and trades along the way. So people of this great community bring me some LT'S!!!

    Great run last time. You all have helped me so much I am so grateful for this! Let's try to get it to continue!

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    tomlinson, ladainian 2005 donruss classics membership bronze #ms-17 0472/1000 chargers
    tomlinson, ladainian 2005 exquisite super jersey gold #sj-lt 15/30 chargers
    tomlinson, ladainian 2009 upper deck icons nfl icons materials #ic-lt 103/299 chargers
    tomlinson, ladainian 2011 certified mirror red #103 239 /250 jets
    tomlinson, ladainian 2011 prestige prestigious pros red materials #35 055/250 jets

    plmk if interested, thanks. (paypal only)

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    Not going so good this time around. Come on peeps bust out them LTs for me!

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    So from looking at your links. I don't think you have these cards. PM me if you're interested.
    2003 Playoff Prestige
    2001 Pacific Invincible Afterburners #1968/2000

    2001 Press Pass
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