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    Reports: Alex Smith trade to Chiefs is all but done

    According to multiple reports, the San Francisco 49ers have wrapped up a trade that will put quarterback Alex Smith in a new city. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported via Twitter that the 49ers have sewed up negotiations with a willing trade partner. The interested team is not yet known, though Gregg Rosenthal of says that from everything he's heard around the scouting combine this week, the Kansas City Chiefs have a deal for Smith that is "all but done."'s Ian Rapoport reported on the NFL Network that the Chiefs have the most interest, and that new Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is very intrigued with Smith's mobility, but that a deal isn't yet consummated. Rapoport also said on that the 49ers will continue to lay the groundwork for a trade that will give Smith to a new NFL team.

    If the deal is in place, it can't actually take place until the new league year begins on March 12.
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    Honestly, I don't really see how this go badly for the Chiefs. The QB class this year is pretty poor, so it's unlikely their long-term solution at QB is in this draft. Smith is a capable QB, but he's more of a stop-gap for them in this situation, until the right one comes along. That, and his contract isn't too bad at all for a QB and it's not like they'll have to give him an extension.

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    If they are not giving up too much on him take a flyer and see what happens.
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    He is a definite upgrade at the QB spot for the Chiefs. You have Charles at RB, Bowe (if he stays) and Baldwin at WR, Moeaki at TE. If they can get the OL beefed up, they could have a pretty good offense.

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    I am the voice of dissention on this one. I don't think Alex Smith is anything more than a good back-up QB. He has never thrown for more than 18 TDs in a season and has a 38-36-1 record. He has already shown that he isn't the type of QB that leads a team or dominates opposing defenses. IMO the Chiefs signing him is about as exciting as finding lint in your pocket and accomplishes about as much.

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    The deal will help KC but I think it still leaves them far behind Denver out west

  9. #9 is reporting that the Cards will inquire about Smith and that the Browns may be in the mix as well.

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    a 2013 2nd Round Pick & a "similar" pick in 2014 draft for Alex Smith? lol, 49ers made out like bandits on this one if this report is true. Granted, Alex Smith is an "upgrade" over Matt Cassel, but 2 2nd round picks? Bowe will likely be gone, or hes not gone, piss pour attitude, Baldwin has the brain of a snow pea, McCluster has underperformed & tons of money is tied up in their Defense.

    Put it this way, if the 49ers benched a guy who won 70%+ of his games, limited turnovers & took them to the AFC championship, that tells me all i need to know.

    Andy Reid starts off with a bang!

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