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    LeBron James retroactively wins Slam Dunk Contest in warm-ups before game with Cavs

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    This is why I completely agreed with Charles Barkley when he commented on the NBA sending nobodies to taker part in the slam dunk comp. it used to be a time when you could see the big name stars go head to head. I don't know if it is the players not wanting it or the NBA trying to get the lesser known names some recognition, but it is definitely not the best the NBA has to offer. Kind of crappy when a weekend that is supposed to be about the fans doesn't put the best product on the court for us to see.

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    Why should Lebron ever compete? Serious question. He wins without entering every year the way people pine over him.

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    He should compete for the fans. In actuality, I think the big names fear damaging their reputation if they lose

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    Lebron doesn't enter because if he loses he knows he be insanely ridiculed.

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    So nothing to gain and a lot to lose? Or maybe too much pressure for him. It really is a shame because fans do deserve it, but he gets the same publicity by teasing almost every year. So why not tease, thus making fans focus on him rather than the willing participants? I think fans should be allowed to vote on Saturdays events instead of the All-Star game.

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    I can get why a baseball player would skip the HR derby since you can mess up your swing by changing it to try and hit slow pitches for home runs. But unless an NBA player gets hurt dunking (something that I don't think has happened in the Dunk Contest) then he really isn't risking anything and should do it at least once for the fans in my opinion.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't see this dunk as very impressive for NBA warmups?

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    WOW! Super sick dunk by the king!

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