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    2013 Elite, well at least I got a good rookie

    Stopped by the local and got killed opening Contenders football, so thougtht with the rotten football luck, I would rip some Elite basketball.

    Hit a nice rookie but other than that Elite was much like the Contenders bust.

    20 packs from a mixed box on the shelf:

    These rookies

    Chris Singleton
    Evan Fournier
    Marquis Teague, he will show up again
    Quincy Acy, same deal he will show up again as well.


    See what I mean about these guys showing up again!

    At least I got this rookie for my bust:

    I have a Donruss Limited Cuts pack coming on Wednesday so after today's bust, time to take a break, so good luck to each of you with your breaks.

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    i'm interested in buying the teague if you're selling cheap enough. let me know
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    price on the leonard and teague
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    Mainly into football. Looking for RC Auto prospects, some HOFERs and Former Vols.

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    lmk if the teague is love to pick it up for my pc

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