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    Either Shaq's short-printed Upper Deck or Kobe's Chrome. Shaq-mania was huge for the basketball hobby, and that was/is the RC card to get, although it's much cheaper and easier to find these days (I got one for a huge discount last week myself). Kobe's Chrome wasn't huge at first, but that is the one to get now.
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    I totally forgot about Kevin Garnett. His Finest rookie card was hot for a long time so I definitely should have mentioned that one at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basketball fiend View Post
    do you mean KEVIN GARNETT?
    Yeah, I'll blame that on the auto-correct on the iPad. Post revised.

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    I'm going with the Kobe Chrome rookie as well. Stunning card!!!
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    Though the Kobe chrome was the best in the second half of the 90's, I would say the Hoops shaq redemption would be in the first half of the 90's. Still have most of my shaq rcs, shame I traded most of my kobes.

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    I remember the Kobe finest being looked at as being holy grail when I was in school and I also remember the Kevin Garnett being looked at it in the same way.

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    While the Shaq craze was awesome, and the KG, Hill, Penny Finest's and Vince's SPA were hot cards, I still have to go with the Mamba Chrome.
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    kobe topps chrome refractor rc will be the no 1. 2nd best maybe o'neal 92-93 UD RC, 3rd best maybe Duncan topps chrome ref rc

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    Did everyone forget about Allen Iverson topps chrome. I know that the price of that card has dwindled down to $20 or less,but when Iverson was the man that was my favorite card. Mid 90's anyway.

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    As far as the early 90's, Beam Team Shaq!!! I was the foolish kid that kept trading his vintage baseball cards for packs of Stadium Club. MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got the Shawn Bradley though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

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