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    Looking for these signed ROMLB baseballs

    Im looking for NEW Offical Rawlings MLB baseballs signed on the sweet spot of the following players, please no faded autos, brown spots. i'm looking to buy or trade. Shot me a PM if you have any of these. trade list will be down below

    Albert Pujols
    Barry Bonds
    Alex Rodriguez
    Ken Griffey Jr
    Derek Jeter
    Evan Longoria
    Matt Holliday
    Carlos Gonzalez
    Cole Hamels
    Robinson Cano
    Dustin Pedroia
    Adam Jones
    Matt Weiters
    Mike Naopli
    Justin Verlander
    Felix Hernandez
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Mike Morse
    Scott Rolen
    Buster Posey
    Mike Trout
    Manny Machado
    Wil Myers
    Jerickson Profar
    Brandon Phillips
    Josh Hamilton

    Also Looking for Future Prospects would like the bigger names, but would be interested in just about anything........ Balls for trade ( Oscar Tavares, Travis D'arnaud, Noah Syndergaard, Sandy Koufax, Javier Baez, Jorge Solar, Byron Buxton)
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    intrested in prospects Taijuan Walker or Zach Lee?

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    Have a couple on your list. CMB, send me an offer.

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    Is sweet spot an absolute must?...I have a Stanton and Profar. They are side paneled but they were both obtained personally by me within this year.

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