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Thread: Canadian Sticker Shock

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    Canadian Sticker Shock

    Holy Cow, I mailed 2 packages to Canada today and man has the price sending stuff up north gone crazy!
    They were both pretty small and were $7 & $8 - domestic mail for the same size envelope is like $2-$3 max!
    After the shipping I was pretty much giving the cards away.
    I'm always late on knowing stuff like this, so if anyone doesn't know, think twice before making a deal to Canada I guess - Yikes!
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    Yeah I don't get it...I live in Iowa and it's cheaper to mail to California or Hawaii than Canada...

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    I think the cheapest bubble mailer going to Canada is like $6 now
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    I hate the fact that I am stuck in this country.....
    Shoot me an email and I will forward you an excel spreadsheet of all the stuff I am looking to buy!

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    That's crazy. I just mailed a package to UK for $6.25 - air mail!
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    If you choose as envelope under 3/4" its still around $3..

    if its put as package its more expensive
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