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Thread: Fire Sale Cheap Cards!

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    Fire Sale Cheap Cards!

    Once one card sells I'll post a pic/link to the next one! Let's get some cards headed your way!


    Eric Decker 3-color Patch $7 paypal!

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    I'll take the Knowshown for 12 paypal
    My Sports Card Album

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    I'm off for tonight, post it up and I can pay in the AM


    My Sports Card Album

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    nice stuff..just missing what i want..any steelers?...lucks?...wilson?..kuechly?

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    cbuck- Posted, thank you

    steel- im out of what you are looking other than base/rc I know I have a bowman purple Russell Wilson but other than that very limited.... sorry man. feel free to look thru my buckett and lmk if there is anything you like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Branesergen View Post
    I'll take the fred davis for 5
    Posted, Thank you!

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