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    Does anyone love Custom NBA Floorboards for graphing as much as I do?

    Does anyone love custom floor boards as much as I do? I thought they were weird at first but people seem to buy them up on ebay and they look REALLY cool when they are done right. BBall is played on hardwood, so getting these pieces signed, even if they arent GU, makes them feel like part of the game, as far as I am concerned. I just wanted to discuss this rather unique part of basketball graphing and showcase the floorboards from my own collection.

    Enjoy and let's discuss and see more photos from others!

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    They are stickers, but homemade. I get png images (the ones where they are cut out on a white background) and get them printed as full page 8.5x11 printouts on label paper with adhesive backing. Then I cut them out with a scissors and stick them on. Same with the team logos

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    Where do you get the floorboards? Or do you make them yourself?

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    Big fan of them, easy to get signed especially if you don't know who your going to get.
    Top to Bottom Row 1- Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Damian Lillard Row 2- John wall (flash messed that one up in the picture) John Calipari, Dual Wall and Cousins. Row 3- Austin Rivers, Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes. I have a ton more signed sitting around that I just haven't displayed.

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    The boards are available at lowes or home depot they are 12x12 vinyl floor squares, they have adhesive backing. For a pack of 20 they are like 17 bucks, cheaper than pictures printed for me. I agree they are great to just have on you bc anyone can sign them if you don't know who you're getting.

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    How do the autographs hold up?, are they any more liking to fade than on a photo? dwighthoward12 how do you display those they look great? Are they framed? Thanks in advance.

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    Seems like they hold up pretty nicely. Display them in a 12x12 frame hope this helps

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    just got back from michaels. 12x12 frames were on sale. I bought all they had. They are hard to find and usually expensive.

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