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    Somewhat new to the site. Greg from Maryland

    I remember my first cards at the drugstore. 1977 topps cards, baseball was the cards set out with a large selection of candy and a couple of different types of packs of gum. I was always looking for the Pete Rose card, playing 3rd base I believe. A great looking set. And those large Topps Basketball cards I got from the local 7-11 which had Dr.J, Pistol Pete, my bullet's players, Jabbar, Walton, Hondo and much more. These basketball cards were functional for me. I would play nerf hoop and pretend that I was having a game and the cards were the players going one on one with each other.

    Those cards are gone. I am still a huge sports fan 35 years later. In 1995 I named my daughter Callie after Cal Ripken, another daughter came and she was named after the Beatles "Julia". I got my mini me in 2000 and named him Benjamin Louis (after Lou Gehrig). The Nationals came to town and I switched teams right away, because Cal had retired and I did not like Baltimore's owner. And now I am back in baseball heaven with a great story in D.C.

    I look forward to viewing this site more while I look for National's cards. Also I have created a website in an attempt to make a couple more bucks or trades with cards and to also simply learn how to create and manage a website to keep me busy. Really was simple to make.

    My site is

    I was reading some of the treads on the scf about how the Puckett card sold on ebay for over 400. Because it was a promo and how so many cards were produced in the 1990's, which I knew of first hand. Fun stuff. Now, I only have a small collection and know that I cannot compete or fill a PC of my own because of child support and today's changing financial landscape. So hello everyone and hope to chat soon.

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    Welcome to SCF. Send me a PM I believe I have a few nats cards. Big Braves fan here. Good luck with getting more nationals.

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    Hi Greg
    Welcome to SCF , good luck with your collection
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    Greg, welcome to the site. Nice looking website. BOL with your collection.


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    Hey Greg, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!
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    Welcome to SCF! It's always great to see someone so passionate about their favorite sports and players. I didn't have much luck getting my wife to let me name our kids after some of my favorite players but I love the names we agreed on. I'm sure you will enoy yourself here.

    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    Welcome to SCF Greg, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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