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    Quote Originally Posted by cavaliersfan30 View Post
    but this isnt its quad piece
    Well, i told you what I think based on no scan so far. You could always counter. I honestly dont see this going above $140 on eBay based on my personal knowledge and I thought $125 guaranteed was fair. I could be wrong though.
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    Not to but in, but i agree with Marino $125 is a pretty fair price from looking on ebay of what his auto/patches are going for.

    $150 is probably the max you would get and that is only if a bidding war started.

    Sorry didnt mean to but in just thought id give my two sense.

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    The Luck on the other hand, now that is a sweet pull. You would get a ton of money for it the faster you put it on ebay.
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    first pack was great than brutal till the end

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    Hey...if you have interest in moving the Wilson/Randle, I'd be curious what you are thinking.

    Also, pretty nice case all things considered. I bet that Marino is sweet.
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    anyone else before ebay stuff for sale only just mentioning bc too many pms of cmb...

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    send me an offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavaliersfan30 View Post
    send me an offer
    can you send me a scan or post it here?

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