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    Peyton Manning Rookie Card + Jersey Card LOT

    Would prefer to sell them all in one shot, will split up if necessary.

    98 Fleer Ultra #416
    98 Collectors Edge 1st Quarter #60

    03 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys
    07 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rivals Dual Jersey w/ Brian Urlacher 083/100

    Would like to get $25 dlvd for all 4, cash, money order, or paypal. Open to fair offers.

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    Hey Brian!! Do Ya Want Me To Close This Thread Since Ya Sold All The Card's.


    Thanks, John

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    paypal sent thanks man

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    LOL bud. Cowboysrgr8 and I were in trade talks last night well before you posted in the thread, and he wanted to wait until this morning to make a final decision. I was asleep when you posted in the thread, and woke up to a message saying he wanted it, so, being he inquired first, the cards were his. Sorry I didnt just blow him off and give it to you, I guess thats what you wanted me to do..??


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    Usually you go with the first who actually wants it but no big deal.

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    Bud, me and him were talking about the deal in the thread, you jumped in the middle and said you would take the deal I offered him. Any body with a little common courtesy would give it to the original guy, or so I'd hope. As far as I was concered, I saw that you both wanted it at the same time, so ofcourse he was going to get it.

    Mod please close the thread, no need to keep it open. Thanks!

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    Actually I've bought tons on here and it's always first person to say they will take it gets it . But not worried about a little cheap lot like this.

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