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Thread: Panini Prizm Info

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    Panini Prizm Info

    I called Panini today and asked the short print on basketball green prizm. The guy said 99 each is the short print, then quickly, and I mean quickly, said it will not be announced to the public. Interesting, Ain't it? Do you think honest mistake or quick cover up? I encourage you to call and ask, and tell us what they said.
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    Taking that word, it sounds about right. There isn't a huge retail presence with that product - I could not find any at my retail stores in a city of 50,000 people - but these fell at a high enough rate that I figured they had a higher print run than the hobby golds.

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    I was hoping to get a prizm retail box from dacardworld but they just sold out before I was able to complete my order. Loving the look of the green prizms. Does anyone think they will get more stock? I'm about to email them directly to find out. There might not be too many boxes left haha.

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    i bought a retail box for 110, way too much for retail haha

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    Really out of 99, really. Are you sure about this? I would think if it was that low they would have numbered them.

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    PANINI doesn't release how many are in a SP run, my buddy who owns a shop and sits in on calls with Panini and that question get brought up a lot and they wont say the exact number of the SP. I'd rather them just number the cards than say its a SP.

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