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    selling 500 02-03 topps common cards for CC

    I will take best offer. plmk


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    hmmm.. how about 250 CC. 500 is a lot of cards and they arent all commons. there are stars like kg, and kidd in there. 250 is a good deal though. lmk

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    i have a few trades going on for cc so i will let you know in a about 2 days

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    well..... 225 is a little low i think. there are exactly 398 02-03 toops basketball cards there. there were players like duncan, kidd, iverson, webber, and many others. there are also many inserts. i didnt know there were inserts though. i am looking for 300 CC. plus.... i wont be paying for shipping so i dont know what you want to do. lmk


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    i cant now made another deal so too bad we couldnt work things out

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