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    Unless part of the guarantee is from the NHL itself, or the NHLPA, I'd avoid it. Personal company guarantees are basically worthless.

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    Some of the comments here are way off. I agree to be cautious at times but donīt be paranoid. Nice to have an LOA but in the end they are just a piece of paper. Research is key.

    Donīt know the seller but the stick is good. Canīt say if game used or practice used unless you photo match it but the stick itself is legit. Itīs from 06/07.

    Donīt mind the LOA when the stick tells you the story. Pro model, knob and blade tape are spot on, auto as well. However the price is way off.
    Max you sould be looking to spend is 200 unless you want it badly. I have seen these sell for as low as 125.

    When dealing in sticks even from team sources Iīd say 80% of them come without LOAīs (very few exceptions with superstar players and some certain teams)

    Even if you bought the sticks directly from the Nucks end of season sale you would not get an LOA with it, not sure if it is still like that but it used to be back then.

    So... anyway, here is a good one for reference:

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    I don't think anyone can say its legit until they've actually found a photo match..anyone could buy these sticks at hockey shops or sportschek and tape it..even at the canucks outlet store there are replicas of Schneider and luongo sticks..if you bought it from legit company at least you wouldn't have to worry about authenticity..k what if you can't find photomatch?? you'd probably be questioning authenticity of stick ..unless it was practice used..bu you probably wouldn't be able to find photomatch so then you'd be questioning if it was real or not ..not a great investment..if you buy from legit company and you can't find photomatch at least you can provide actual proof that it was through a good company through receipt or real coa..
    and although I agree with above poster that the price is too high, I think $250-300 would be a good price IMO..I've seen other worse players have their sticks selling at $150-200..

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