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    Hockey Sure Is Having A Lot Of Concussions Lately

    The numbers are kind of insane—there are currently 25 players out with concussions, or "upper body injuries" that include "concussion-like symptoms." (That includes Rene Bourque, whose team has "no idea" when he suffered it.)
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    If you look hard enough for something you want to find, you'll be certain to find it.

    People have known since the beginning of this argument that the only way to remove concussions from the game is to make it no-contact. They can legislate everything they want, but in the end accidents will still happen.

    Even if you convinced every player in the league to not hit other players in the head at all ever, there are still players who will still get hit in the head by trying to avoid a hit, and will still hit their heads on the walls or on the ice as a result of perfectly acceptable hits.

    What everyone needs to do, is get over themselves and realize that every player who laces up his skates has already accepted that it might happen to him one day, and it's a risk they are willing and choosing to take to play the game that they love. These players and their families need to not file lawsuits five or ten years into retirement about how "nobody ever told them this might happen!" because that's not true and everyone knows it.

    There might not have been the correlation between the concussions and brain diseases at the time, but you can't tell me that there's more than maybe a handful of players over the last 20-30 years who, if they'd been told that this might be the end result, would have hung up their skates and walked away.
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