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    Rep. Ellison: Hannity 'Worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen'

    Rep. Keith Ellison went after Fox's Sean Hannity, calling the conservative host "the worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen" in an interview Tuesday.
    The Minnesota Democrat was invited to talk about the looming sequester and President Obama's strategy of campaigning around the country in an effort to drive public opinion.
    Hannity led the segment by calling Obama "President Panic" and showing clips of two speeches of what Hannity labeled "sequestration scare tactics," backed by classic scary opera music Carmina Burana.

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    I watched the video and I almost fell off the chair laughing at the video. Hannity is such a moron!

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    Hannity is a real piece of work. He actually disrespected Rep Ellison who is a US citizen and politician by telling him to prove to him he is not a terrorist. Hannity isn't nothing but a racist piece of trash like all his other buddies and you have to wonder about anyone who takes any of his nonesense seriously.
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    Hannity needs to be speared in the balls with a Victoriaville 119. I've got one.

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