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    Are Panini Prizm Football cards hard to find?

    I made the 30 min journey to my local target to get some cards, they had like 3 or 4 boxes of football prizm. I only bought one pack. Are they easy to find or did my target just restock?

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    Prizm doesn't seem to be as hot of a seller as the basketball counterpart it seems
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    Yeah the prices for prizm football retail are$79 on blowout cards, $7 over release price. Basketball retail are $105, $38 over release price.

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    yeah the football is not as popular, the funny thing is Target gets like 4 boxes of prizm football at a time, and only 1 box of Prizm Basketball at a time.

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    My LCS has plenty. Maybe a stupid question but why buy retail for 79 when hobby is 105?

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