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    Anyone Need Any 2009 WWE Chipz?

    Had a random sealed box and opened it because Ive never opened any of these. Its fun to see some of the guys and gals who arent there anymore. Not sure what to ask. Just taking offers I guess. Here are what I have and the quantity

    Maria x3
    Kenny Dykstra
    Randy Orton x2
    Jim Ross x4
    Jeff Hardy x2
    John Cena
    Vladimir Kozlov x2
    Michael Cole x2
    Snitsky x2
    Kung Funaki x2
    CM Punk x2
    Charlies Haas x2
    Hornswoggle x2
    Shelton Benjamin
    Mike Knox x4
    Kofi Kingston x4
    Michelle McCool x2
    Matt Striker
    Deuce x4
    Zack Ryder x3
    William Regal x2
    John Morrison x3
    Triple H x2
    Rey Mysterio
    Tommy Dreamer
    Melina x4
    Cody Rhodes x3
    Shad x3
    Matt Hardy
    JTG x2
    Festus x2
    Jimmy Wang Yang
    Chuck Palumbo
    Curt Hawkins
    Jamie Noble

    Beth Phoenix Foil x2
    Great Khali Foil
    Chris Jericho Foil
    Carlito Foil x2
    Mr. Kennedy Foil
    The Miz Foil
    Shawn Michaels Foil
    Finlay Foil
    Mickie James Foil
    Randy Orton Foil

    Jeff Hardy Silver

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    Hey, not to be a pain but can I see a scan of the Zack Ryder.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Sorry I completely missed your response. Please private message me a price dlvd in PWE.


    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    I know my son needs the silver Jeff Hardy for his set. What are you looking for in trade ?

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    I am TurdFerguson's son. What do you need for the silver Jeff Hardy ?

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    Hey man I could use all the Matt & Jeff hardy chips. Pm me what you are looking for

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