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    Is this AJ Lee card overpriced?

    Is the AJ Lee FCW card in this Ebay auction overpriced or is that card actually selling for that kind of money now? I am looking to get one of those cards, but do not recall one of them ever selling for anywhere near the $350.00 that the seller is asking. em3f21e841c6
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    Since the auction listing you posted is mine I will go ahead and say yes the card is overpriced. This listing is merely to show off the card and not sell it unless I get an amazing offer on it.
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    I have done that in the past as well. Bit me in the butt once when the card actually sold and i could not find another. The fcw set is all way overpriced. Just my opinion but 95% of the divas fade away and arent worth jack a couple years after they are done. Ive never been a big fan of collecting wwe cards for the divas.

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