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    Miller time may soon be up in Buffalo

    Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller’s outspokenness over his struggling club’s performance this season prompted CBC’s Elliotte Friedman to suggest it may be time for Miller to move on.

    The 32-year-old netminder has one season remaining on his contract worth $6.25 million, plus a limited no-trade clause allowing him to list up to eight teams he won’t accept being dealt to.
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    This is what we call Yellow journalism.

    Indeed, the very statement at the end "Buffalo won't move him unless he requests it," completely invalidates the headline.

    Miller was in the same boat as most of the team and most of the fans here - frustrated that the team had been taking to the ice looking like zombies. You'd do well to note that there hasn't been any further outcry from any player since Ruff was fired, even though they lost their first two games under Rolston before picking up two wins in the sunshine state.

    Not to mention that trading Miller would likely signal the start of a full rebuild for the Sabres, who are still light on depth (let alone starters) at Center and Right wing, and have only prospects at goaltender, only one of whom has any NHL experience. The other piece of that puzzle would also likely be the firing of GM Darcy Regier, since I can't see ownership deciding to retain him after deciding that his prior 15 years of work needs to be undone - and I would expect that announcement to come down before any announcement of Miller being traded.

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    The Sabres suffer from a syndrome that has brought upon the downfall of empires and other great teams, and it's this philosophy;

    "Don't worry that the Horse is blind, just load the wagon"

    To think that just because Ruff was there for 15 years, and now he's not, that the Sabres would go on Auto-Win for the next 7-8 games is pure folly. It's obvious to even the newest arm-chair fan that this unit of players cannot get on the same page, combined with the smallest depth in the league, bodes for disaster no matter who is at the helm.

    Organizations always shake things up, in this case, something has to be done cause this group cannot get along on the ice with any formula for success.

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    Miller is a good goalie, but the team in front of him the last couple of years hasn't been that good. Some times change in needed for the better. The band can't always stay together. Ask the franchises that win on a consistant basis and they'll tell you that change is a constant. If Miller does decide he want's out of Buffalo, it's hard to find fault with that.

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    maybe Buffalo can overpay for a few more Ville Leino's

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