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    does rask have a chance for the vezina

    With rask taking over the boston net and he great play does he have the chance to get the vezina this year.

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    Yeah, I think so. But as of now, I believe Anderson and Rinne are ahead of him in the race.
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    Over half the season has yet to be played. Every starting goalie on a decent (or better) team still has a chance at the Vezina, and Rask is certainly included.

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    Indeed, I believe that Rask is included in the list of like, 10 goaltenders who currently stand out to have a shot at the Vezina. Kind of a foolish question at this junction.
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    He's got a chance sure, Not a runaway favorite though, there are alot of goalies having great seasons so far.

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    i think its who is gonna keep there team flying high for the rest of the season

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    He has as good of a chance as anyone!
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    I think Rask has a chance, he seems to be quietly putting up some great numbers but like was already said I think he might be trailing Anderson at this point since Anderson was basically winning games for Ottawa with so many of their key players hurt. Rinne has been terrible the past few games showing that he might actually be human and not some sort of goalie robot so unless he goes back to his normal self he will get passed by Rask. Anderson and Rinne also have weaker teams in front of them, I'm not sure if that comes into play for the Vezina.
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