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    Sending a Football Mini Helmet Packers

    I have a Packers Super Bowl unsigned mini helmet I would like to send to get TTM'ed. I have only ever sent to the P.O. box in the past for players in Green Bay but never to the stadium itself. I know some people say to ask in advance if its ok to send a bigger item to be signed but they might not reply to that. Does anyone think if I send the mini even if they wont sign it they would send it back as long as i send a SASE (flat rate box) to send it back or they will probably not send it back at all? Also should I send my own sharpie and tape so they can seal the SASE (flat rate box) back to me? I have only ever sent photos or cards so this will be a 1st for me. Any advice is very much appreciated.

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    I use the nylon-ish Priority envelopes, and wrap the mini in bubblewrap. They are less expensive than the boxes. Plus, if you don't mind possibly losing the helmet, just send it. Otherwise, I would see if you can email someone about the request or snail-mail it. If it means that much to you, I would want to cover all bases. Good luck! Be sure to post pics when you get it back.
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    I would say if you want it signed in a certain color I would send the sharpie, if you don't care I would not send one. The reason I say not to send one is you never know if the player does not put the top back on good and it marks up their graph because of how they package it to send back. I've heard on rare occasions they can leak. I've never had one do it but it's just what I've heard. Also there is a chance that when your package gets tossed around in shipping the top could come off if not put on tight. JMHO

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    Never ever send anything to sign that you aren't willing to lose. Since it is a helmet, I recommend putting insurance on it before you mail it and put fragile stickers on the boxes so they know it is something important.
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