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    Card Grading Company in Bettendorf, Iowa Leaves Sports Fans Empty Handed

    Card Grading Company in Bettendorf Leaves Sports Fans Empty Handed

    The Better Business Bureau serving Greater Iowa, Quad Cities and Siouxland Region is issuing a consumer alert about Global Authority of Bettendorf, IA. According to the company’s website, Global Authority offers “authentication and grading services for a wide spectrum of collectibles.”

    The BBB has closed 21 complaints against this company in the last year and has received over 100 inquiries. Global Authority has earned an F rating with the BBB due to failure to respond to complaints, many of which are considered serious in nature.

    Consumer complaints primarily allege that after sending trading cards to the company for authentication and grading, Global Authority refuses to return the cards and consumers are unable to reach the company.

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    A fool and his money are soon parted,anybody sending anything valuable to global authority for grading deserves to be robbed.
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    It doesn't shock me, other then PSA, BGS, and SGC, I don't really trust any of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EaglesFan9 View Post
    It doesn't shock me, other then PSA, BGS, and SGC, I don't really trust any of them.

    When in doubt stick with the Big 3. Why people would use any company other than the Big 3 is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDMC View Post

    When in doubt stick with the Big 3. Why people would use any company other than the Big 3 is beyond me.
    Exactly, I was at a show around 6 months ago and the dealer had his whole collection slabbed by GMA. He really had a ton of nice stuff, but the GMA holder swayed me away. I ended up buying one card and cracked it out of it.

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    Why not give ISA Grading a try! We have $5 per card grading at a ten day turn around time. We also offer bulk grading submission prices!

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    ^^^ ISA is the way to go. Love the turnaround times, and from what I have seen, the slabbing is great, and they are graded fairly.

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    How do ISA graded items (or any new entrant) sell vs. the established companies?? Maximizing the potential return value on your item is the reason to choose one company over another, not a lower cost or a promise of better customer service.

    I'd like to see some representative sales data proving to us that the market desires and values items graded by this outfit before I'd even consider using them. I have not been impressed with the data I have looked at so far (in terms of listings resulting in sales and sales prices).

    Hijacking this thread to promote your company's $5 price point is kind of lame.
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    I don't send that many cards in for grading but if I was to do I would go with PSA card.
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