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    What to do with non PC Cards? Grab bags on eBay?

    I have a ton of base/insert/numbered/rookie and game used cards that I don't collect. Selling in singles takes way too long and selling the whole lot I would lose a good deal of value. I am not looking for BV for the cards. I was thinking of trying the grab bag route on eBay. Any tips or advise on grab bags or another method to move these cards?

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    Honestly - If you do a lot of selling of worthwhile singles, I would avoid the grab-bag route. From what I have seen from other grab-bag sellers it seems like a sure-fire way to destroy your Star Rating. It seems like 5% of the buyers leave negatives when they don't receive a Luck auto for their $5 investment.
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    The grabbag thing would work as long as you don't try the whole "chance for a super valuable auto" stuff. But personally I think you'd do better seperating them by team and doing team lots. Also keep them just base/inserts and be honest about it. The "chance for great cards" grabbags are where the trouble comes from. With the way things work on ebay its too easy for people to claim theres a chance for a Luck Contenders Auto, sell a thousand grabbags, noone ever get it and the seller can say that it must be one of the few that didn't sell.
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    I put team lots up for sale...a couple hundred in each team lot. most of the lots went for the .99 starting price but some did make it up to 7 or 8 bucks (packers, patriots, 49ers, cowboys). The lots were just base, rookies, and inserts from 1990-2011.

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    I would take any Boise State guys you have, in whatever uniform! PM me!
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    I'll buy them as a lot, as long as you arent expecting full BV for them.

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    No, not expecting full book. I would like to get some where around $3 per game used.

    I have no idea who went to boise state so let me know who you are looking for

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    Ive always wanted to do grab bags with a chase card. Make them all decent, and have one or two that are worth quite a bit more. Problem is, if you do them on Ebay, like mentioned above, people who dont hit the chase card, will leave low ratings and or bad feedback.
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    Yeah, too many people do those but don't ever include the chase card if they ever had it

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