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    Marc Staal Game-Used Stick or Carl Hagelin Game-Used Stick PLEASE HELP!

    Hey Guys, recently a company messed up my order and to make up for it they have offered me:
    Carl Hagelin Game-Used Stick or Marc Staal Game-Used Stick they are both from the 2011-2012 season.

    As far as value I thought it would be the Staal but as far as collectible I really like Hagelin any idea who would be the better choice?

    Any help would be great thanks guys!

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    Well if it for your PC, take the player you like more. If you would be looking to move it later, take the more valuable of the two. Also, if you are going to be displaying it, maybe picking the cooler-looking one of the two.

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    Staal is a defenseman that doesn't score many goals, I think the Hagelin is worth more simply on value alone. Defensemen not named Lidstrom, Karlsson or to a lesser extent, Subban don't get much interest in the hobby. If you like Hagelin better, I think the choice is obvious

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    i think value wise and your personal liking Hagelin is the better choice. like dre2112 said, almost all D don't get much hobby love, and Staal would fall under those D

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