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    Falcons Release Michael Turner, Dunta Robinson and John Abraham

    Not too surprised to see Turner or Abraham released but I thought they might try to rework Robinson's contract and keep him around.

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    Falcons release three veterans including RB Michael Turner

    The Atlanta Falcons cleared some salary-cap room Friday, releasing running back Michael Turner, defensive end John Abraham and cornerback Dunta Robinson.

    By letting the three veterans go, the Falcons put themselves $15.9 million under the cap, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Turner saved the team $6.4 million, Abraham $5.75 million and Robinson $3.75 million, the paper reported.

    "As a football coach it is never easy to cut any player, especially veteran players who have been valuable members of the organization," Falcons head coach Mike Smith said in a statement posted on the team's website. "The guys we released today have contributed to the success that we have had over the last five years, and we greatly appreciate their efforts."
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    I just hope we can bring some people in to feel these shoes. I know you have to meet the business side of the game but we were one game away from the Super Bowl.

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    So you are releasing 3 players to make sure you sign one? And the one you are trying to sign is thinking about retirement any way.

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    ^ I haven't heard anything about that. Please enlighten me.

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    they chopped a lot of money off with those moves. Not only that but with gonzo retired they should have quite a bit of cap space to fill whatever holes they have. After all this is a big defensive draft coming up.

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    ^ Is it official that he is retiring? Last I heard it was still up in the air.

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    Not official thet Gonzalez in retiring. I think a lot of people knew that Turner was going to be released. The Abraham was a big surprise as he was our best defensive player. If you see robinson's stats from last year Im not surprised they released him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBaller23 View Post
    ^ I haven't heard anything about that. Please enlighten me.
    I am not sure, but I think he may be referring to Tony Gonzalez who did retire. I don't think there was ever any question that he would. My .02 is they made the cuts to free up cap space to resign Brent Grimes and Sam Baker and get a little space to sign draft picks. They certainly didn't free up enough space to sign any top free agents AND keep Grimes and Baker and still have cap space for rookie contracts. My guess is they hope Grimes will replace Robinson and will look to replace Turner and Abraham in the draft.

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    Tony G might not retire if the Falcons can give him the right amount and less work hours.

    They've also locked up Will Mo through the 2016 Season

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