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Thread: TTM magazine shipping thoughts

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    TTM magazine shipping thoughts

    I want to send Clayton Kershaw the ESPN the magazine issue he was on last year, but I'm not sure how to ship it, being how large it is. Does the postal service offer envelopes/ bubble mailers large enough? Also, would the best bet be to send it to the facility is LA because heprobably has a large volume of mail in Arizona?

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    Yes, you can get mailers that large. Not sure which address would be best at this point though.

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    Right now I would send to Dodger Stadium in LA.

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    I agree send to dodger stadium, most likely it will return back in January or so next yr, I actually plan on sending this same magazine to him this yr trm since he is a tad hard to get in person a large bubble mailer for that would average 2$ or so eAch and a few $ shipping but well worth it for a kershaw auto

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    He signed for me each of the last two years via ST addy, but took like 11 months!
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