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    Clearly he does not care about the team and clearly the team ownership does not want to win anymore. Huge it to the team and their chances at having more good years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeausouth View Post
    You're also quick to point out his playoff wins as a rookie, and "how he's won playoff games in each of his first five seasons".

    That sounds good, but you casually gloss over that in at least those first three seasons, Flacco's play as a quarterback was pretty much horrible.

    First playoff game, a win against Miami 27-9. Flacco completes 9 of 23 passes for 135 yards. QB rating of 59.1
    Second playoff game win, 13-10 against the Titans. Flacco is 11 for 22 for 161 yards, throws 1 TD pass.
    Third playoff game, loss to Pittsburgh 14-23. Flacco completes 13 of 30 passes for 141 yards, zero TD passes, 3 INT.

    Second season, Baltimore beats New England 33-14. Oooooo goodie goodie, another playoff win for Flacco. Sounds good, except Joe completed 4 out of 10 passes for 34 yards. 1 INT. QB rating? 10.0
    Next game, the Ravens lose to the Colts 3-20. Flacco is 20 for 35, 189 yards and 2 INT.

    Third year, he finally has a good game against the Chiefs. QB rating of 115.4. The next week, the Ravens lose 24-31. His QB rating? 61.1

    In 2011, he started getting better in the postseason. Two solid games. In 2012, he was lights out in the post season.

    But the point to this? Flacco can claim playoff wins in the first two years of his career. But he had absolutely nothing to do with those wins. Nothing!

    Meanwhile, in his first postseason start, Aaron Rodgers loses to the Cardinals, even though he's 28 out of 42 for 423 yards passing, 4 TD passes and 1 INT. He also runs in for a TD.

    The team around him won those playoff games. So these "records" that you are so quick to point to as proof of his "greatness" are in reality utter hogwash.

    Only a Ravens fan could point to a game where their quarterback completed 4 passes and had a 10 rating, and say "ohmygooses, Flacco has won a playoff game in all five seasons he's played".

    Flacco is a middle-of-the-pack quarterback being paid more money than anybody in the NFL.

    Aaron Rodgers will make $9.25 million in 2013
    Drew Brees will make $10.4 million in 2013.

    Joe Flacco in 2013 will make $350,000 more than Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees combined.

    That is sheer stupidity.
    Sounds to me like winning doesn't tell the whole story.

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    simple eye test doesn't make sense. there are a hand full of QB's i'd rather have then flacco but i guess that doesn't matter when negotiating contracts. he just did guys like rodgers and ryan a huge favor.

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    yeah rodgers is gonna be due another contract and its gonna be fat because of this. it'll be too easy for him to say "look at what flacco is making and im twice the qb he is"

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    he won't do that though. i see rodgers mentality the same as brady's. he'll get his cash but it won't be flacco cash so he can go after another superbowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickysigai View Post
    No respect the man has the most win since he's came into the league .i didn't want to give him that much
    NFL records
    First rookie quarterback to start all sixteen games and make the playoffs (shared with Matt Ryan)
    First rookie quarterback to win two playoff games[35]
    Most starts by a quarterback in first season: 19
    Most starts by a quarterback in first two seasons: 37
    Most starts by a quarterback in first three seasons: 55
    Most starts by a quarterback in first four seasons: 73
    Most starts by a quarterback in first five seasons: 92
    Most wins by a quarterback in first 80 consecutive starts: 54
    Most combined regular and postseason wins in first three years as a quarterback: 36 (tied with Dan Marino)[36]
    Only quarterback to start and win a playoff game in each of his first five seasons[37]
    Most road playoff wins by a quarterback: 6
    Most touchdowns in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana and Kurt Warner)[31]
    Most touchdowns without an interception in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana)[32]
    First quarterback to have a passer rating over 100 in all four games of a single postseason[3]
    Most consecutive playoff games with three passing touchdowns: 3 (tied with Bernie Kosar, Kurt Warner, and Aaron Rodgers)
    So nearly all of his "NFL records" are based on showing up for the game? Hmmm, I am not impressed.

    Let's look at some actual numbers instead of just counting games started...

    5 consecutive seasons of failing to finish in the top 10 in passing yards
    4 out of 5 seasons finishing no better than 13th in passing TDs
    3 out of 5 seasons finished 19th or lower in completion percentage

    I guess if the Ravens want to pay a guy like a top 3 QB because he shows up on game day, so be it. Like I already said, I am quite happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    He should send some money to that guy on the Broncos who forgot how to play defense with around a minute left in the game

    He is a very good QB but I don't believe he is one of the top three QB's in the league.

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    all this guy does is play every game and win...
    enough said..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregb0411 View Post
    all this guy does is play every game and win...
    enough said..
    No respect that's why we take it. Showing up for every game counts a lot. Ask the colts when manning was out the whole year haha. From what I'm hearing its basically a 3 year deal and will be re constructed in the 4th year. He is making less next year then he did this year. Best story ever ...... Were does joe go after signing the biggest nfl contract to eat. McDonald's drive through in Aberdeen md . Love that man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregb0411 View Post
    all this guy does is play every game and win...
    enough said..
    The proof will be in the pudding. RayLew retired, Reed aging, a free agent and wanting big money, limited ability to sing free agents in the future thanks to Flacco's big is going to be all on Flacco from now on. Even factoring in RayLew's retirement and current free agents like Ed Reed and McKinnie not counting against their cap the Ravens were entering this free agent period with just a tad over $5 mill in cap space, and some of that most likely will be eaten up by Flacco's contract. Net result, the Ravens enter next year with little to no new talent added to the roster and a loss of RayLew and probably Ed Reed to deal with. Flacco better "just show up and win" because the defense isn't going to be carrying him anymore.

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