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    March 2013 GENERIC TRADING THREAD! Contenders breaks added! 2x in your favor (?)

    PLEASE read the following and if at all possible, let's follow this format:

    -You name what you like.
    -I'll name what I like.
    -You make the offer, we work from there.
    -If you reply, please follow up, even if it's just to say no.

    I like to know what cards we're dealing with up front, so please, let's start with a want list. I'm sorry if this sounds like a bit much, but it's how I like to operate and it will save everyone a little time/effort.

    Also, I'd like the make the following offer:

    -If we're dealing with 30 BV items and below on my end, and a 100+ BV item on your end, I'll go 2x in your favor. For example, you have a 150 BV card I'd like, I'll give you 300 BV worth of smaller items.

    It looks like my bucket is completely up to date! Anyone up for a trade?

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    Well that's about the slowest start I've had for one of these threads! Let's give it another shot.

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    check our bucket for the Lofton Timeless auto, Chandler JOnes auto, Tark atuo, and the Marshall auto.....there is a start check our bucket maybe we can work something out.

    Hidden Content

    Great interest in Yanks, Ravens and Celts.......

    WILL ONLY TRADE TO United States and Canada without prior APPROVAL!

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    I can use these-
    John Crow vintage Football
    B Favre Ultra Touchdown Kings GU
    B Favre SP Authentic Threads GU
    and possibly the 2 R Grant GU and the A J Hawk -not as important as the 1st three

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    Reeder - I like these:

    -Jonathan Baldwin Certified auto/GU
    -Jaworski auto
    -Kendall Wright auto

    Maaaybe the Andre Brown Press Pass auto too, but that's much lower on my list. Let me know what you might like to do!

    DarthPacker6 - The Crow is gone, but the others are available. I like these:

    2010 NCAA Sweet Spot - Sweet Swatches #SSW74 Dual White Jerseys
    2011 Press Pass Legends -Saturday Swatches #SSW-JJ White Jersey w/ seam

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    DarthPacker6 - That was not an offer, simply a list of what I'd like. I'd be willing to listen to an offer, but a straight across deal definitely wouldn't work for me. I don't think my 4 match up quite evenly with your 2.

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    Im sorry I dont know what I was thinking, would you trade the 2 Favre's for my 2? If you can find anything else to add from me feel free to look some more as I added more Football teams today under football fs/ft.

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    DarthPacker6 - Where is your updated tradelist? I can't seem to find it.

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