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Thread: Hank Aaron IP habits?

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    Hank Aaron IP habits?

    Hank Aaron is throwing out the first pitch May 29th at the Columbia (SC) Blowfish Coastal Plains League collegiate summer league game. I was wondering what his signing habits are in person at something like this? I have been to a few of their games before and there are always less than 2,000 people there. I figure this game will have a lot more than 2,000, but I hope there is a chance for a autograph from Hank Aaron.

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    Good luck with that. His lawyer won't let Hank touch a pen.

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    Yeah. Not gonna happen.

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    He was in Detroit for the World Series last year I believe, a few people had him alone and when they asked, he just laughed at them.
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    Back in 2010 during ST he signed at Braves camp. People started climbing over each other and pushing with no regard for one another, he told people if they did not calm down he would stop. They didn't, so he stopped signing and I missed out. I wouldnt doubt things like that would make him not want to sign. Some people just see $$$$$ when certain current and former players sign and become huge a-holes and end up ruining this hobby for the others. I could go on and on about this subject. But, do not want to hi-jack your thread.
    I'm not sure it has anything to do with his lawyers. It can't hurt to try to get him, Good Luck!!

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    He was at a banquet in Cincinnati a few years back and afterwards was standing to the side of the stage. 2 of us approached him and he turned and ran behind the curtain when he was we had baseballs.

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    Im going to try it, can't hurt to ask him in a polite way. If nothing else, I will do what I always do and get the players to sign. There have been some bigger names play games there in the past. Just missed Verlander when he was in town with his team. That is the one I regret missing.

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