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    are the bruins gonna do a major trade

    I keep hearing and reading that the bruins are gonna go for a big named player is it true or are they good were there are at right this second.

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    I can't see it happening. I mean, there's always ways to improve a team, but how much do you want to tweak the best team in the East? Even if you don't take a chunk out of the roster to do it, you're going to take a guy from a completely different everything and try to work him into the starting rotation.

    Most teams who make the run don't do it by trading for a major piece at the deadline, so unless their thinking is that they want to try to grab someone's starting goaltender to pair with Rask instead of Anton Khudobin, I can't really see them making any "big" moves.

    tl;dr - it ain't broke, why fix it.
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    I don't think the Bruins need to make a trade for a big name player. They are pretty good already and have some big name players already like Chara, Lucic, Seguin (thanks to Toronto!), etc. It would be nice for them if Savard was healthy, he is a great player.
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    I can't see them swinging a major deal. maybe a role player that can fit into their system easily. Have no idea whom that might be. B's fan seem to be wanting a major player Iggy in Calgary(too much?)Briere? Would philly deal him to B's?
    Alfredsonn Ott, they are still in the hunt. Possibly weiss in Fla. Someone for the third line. Not sure if there is anyone in providence that another team would want

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