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Thread: Another huge sale. Take a look

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    Another huge sale. Take a look

    Just bought the four most expensive and outrageous items for my PC and now I am looking to recoup some of the funds.
    Prices are under the scans. Please add $2.50 if total is under $15 for shipping. Anything over is free shipping.

    They were scanned by teams. I am adding more teams as time goes on.

    UD Black 6 on 6 Rivals Rangers/Deveils /25 (card in the top right corner and of the right unfolded)-$85
    Adam Larsson artifacts rc-$4
    Limited Kovalchuk jersey 017/199-$8
    Black Diamond Gretzky Quad diamond-$5
    ITG BTP ed Gicomin SP auto-$25
    Travis Zajac Bap auto-$3
    UD Black lustrous patch jsy auto Lundqvist /10-$sold
    Prime Graves/Gilbert dual auto /25-$25
    Dominion Mats Zucarello jumbo jsy-$5
    ITG BTP Aspire gold stacjer/lundqvist /10-$20

    Parkhurst auto Kelly Kisio-$5
    UD SPX rc jsy auto Grachev-$6
    Parkhurst auto Barry Beck-$5
    Parkhurst auto Ron Grschner-$5
    ITG Enshrined auto Alex Delvecchio-$12
    ITG BTP Number Chris osgood /19-$10
    UD Game jersey Dubinsky-$2
    UD Trilogy auto Curtis Joseph-$10

    UD THE CUP Scripted Swatches Steve Yzerman /25-$120
    UD THE CUP Limited logos Steve Yzerman /50-$110
    Dominion legend jsy Lidstrom 01/99-$5
    Lux Suite prime jsy/jsy Datsyuk /150-$sold
    Lux Suite prime jsy/jsy zeteerberg-$5
    ITG used stick jersey Robitaille-$10
    Lux suite stick/jsy Zeterberg/100-$sold
    UD SPX rc jsy auto spectrum Jimmy Howard /25-$40

    Lafleur IP auto-$10
    UD Game jersye Larry Robinson-$3
    UD Game jersye Robert Lang-$2
    Bap dual sigs Markov/Souray-$5
    Dominion ruby auto /50 lemelin-$10
    Trilogy confrontations Savard/Carbonneau/Roy/Gilmour/Anderson/Fuhr-$35
    Certified FOTG Gionta /25-$5
    Ken Dryden OPC RC-$sold
    Parkhurst auto Rejean houle-$6

    Larry Robinson ITG 1972 auto-$25
    Lux suite cammaleri/Kostitsyn /50-$8
    OPCP Yannik Weber jsy auto-$6
    UD SPGU Patch Carey price error /35-$15
    ITG 1972 auto Steve Shutt-$25
    UD SPA rc review auto Steve Shutt /100-$20
    ITG 1972 jsy gold Henri Richard /10-$30
    Zenith Winter Warriors Kostitsyn-$3

    ITG Ultimate Brotherly Love Mahovlich-$20
    ITG Ultimate jsy/Emblem Lecavalier-$12
    Certified FOTG Purcell /25-$5
    ITG Ultiamte jsy auto Tyrell-$6
    Limited Banner season patch auto St Louis /25-$15
    UD Game jersey St louis-$3

    Brett Connolly score rc-$3
    Panini Private Signings auto Simon Gagne-$5
    OPC IP auto St Louis-$4
    UD Ultiamte Lecavalier jsy-$3
    Certified FOTG st louis jsy-$4
    certified Champios St Louis jsy-$4
    Dominion prime jsy Lecavalier /25-$6
    Stamkos limited jumbo jsy /99-$7

    SPX rc jsy auto Tokarski-$5
    PArkhurst auto Pronovost-$8
    UD THE CUP Tokarski RPA-$15
    Crown Royale St Louis auto-$5
    certified mirror blue St Louis jsy-$4
    Certified FOTG jsy St Louis /25-$5
    Dominion Decade auto St Louis-$7
    crown Royale Lineage stamkos/St Louis/lecavalier /50-$15
    Certified gold team auto St Louis /25-$10

    Frozen artifacts jsy Patch St louis /50-$5
    Artifacts tundra tandems stamkos/st louis-$5
    OPC souviniers stamkos/lecav/Hedman Louis-$10
    Trilogy 3 Star spotlight st Louis/lecava/Nash-$6
    ITG CVTW Dual St Louis-$5
    OPCP auto gold /15 St Louis-$15
    artifacts jsy patch st louis-$sold
    artifacts jsy patch lecavalier -$8

    UD RC Materials Connolly-$4
    Artifacts jsy dual lecavalier/Gagne-$5
    ud game jersey Stamkos-$5
    Beehive Scrapbook auto Brad Richards-$5
    limited jumbo auto jsy Connolly-$7
    UD Ultimate Debut Threads auto jsy Dana Tyrell-$4
    lux suite jsy Stamkos-$4
    Dominion Benchmark niuwendyk-$6
    Bap auto Brian Rafalski-$5

    Dominion Caron rc auto-$5
    Cheevers legendary sigs auto-$15
    artifacts dual jsy Nathan Horton-$sold
    Parkhurst auto Ken Hodge-$5
    ITG BTP Supersized pads Cheevers-$30
    Rick Middleton dominion auto-$6
    UD game jsy Kessel-$2
    US SPA SOTT Zach Hamil-$4
    Hot prospects jsy Kessel-$3

    UD SPA RC Review patch auto Bourque-$45
    US SPA SOTT Kessel/Bergeron-$9
    ITG BTP Patch tim Thomas /19-$20
    artifacts nathan horton patch jsy-$sold
    ITG 1972 auto Ed Johnston-$5
    ITG 1972 auto Phil Esposito SP-$35
    artifacts dual jsy Tim Thomas-$5
    UD SPGU jsy Chara-$3

    UD SPGU Dual Patch Murray/Thornton-$15
    Dominion ruby auto Tim Thomas (rare)-$20
    SPX Winnign materials Neely/Park-$5
    SPX Winning materials Neely/Park patch /15-$25
    Crown royale Suguin all kings men-$8
    SPX Style gold .25 Howe/Bertuzzi/Thornton-$40
    UD Trilogy Scripts Bucyk-$8
    SPGU Authentic fabrics murray/savard/Chara /10-$sold

    ITG Ultiamte triple jsy Sittler/Kadri/Gigure-$20
    ITG Ultimate stick autp SP Sittler-$30
    ITG Ultimate auto Wendel Clark-$25
    ITG Ultimate stick auto Wendel Clark-$30

    ITG 1972 jsy gold /10 Keon-$25
    ITG Franchises jsy gold Wendel Clark-$25
    ITG Superlative franchise pad Hainsworth /9-$40
    Score rc auto SP Frattin-$15
    UD SPA SOTT Curtis Joseph-$10
    ITG Ultiamte retro teammate Sittler/Williams/Mcdonald-$30
    ITG ultimate auto/jsy Wendel Clark-$15

    Turk Broda-Sold
    ITG SUperlative jsy gold /9 Curtis Joseph-$25
    UD Game jersey Liles-$2
    artifacts dual patch Kessel /9-$sold
    legends classic patch Wendel Clark-$10
    UD Ultiamte premium patch Lanny macdonald-$20
    ITG toronto expo quad leafs-$15
    UD SPGU Heritage classic patch Wendel Clark -$20

    UD THE CUP foundations auo jsy Giguere /15-$30
    Dominion rc auto Irwin-$4
    Pogge -Sold
    Parkhurst auto Rick Vaive-$8
    OPCP auti Darryl Sittler /50-$20
    UD Black quad jsy auto Salming-$sold
    ITG superlative Franchise glove /9 Kennedy-$25
    UD SPA FW auto Williams-$4

    Lemieux and fleury-Sold
    ITG Ultiamte tim horton Base-$10
    UD Sweet Shot auto Staal-$7
    UD Mask Hedberg glove-$6
    UD SPGU jsy Malkin-$5
    UD game jersey Malkin-$6

    (Prices on Stickers)

    Crosby dual enshrinements-$250
    Rest are sticker prices

    SPX Winning Materials Seabrook-$4
    Dominion jersey Patrick Sharp-$5
    UD Sweet Shot puck auto Darryl Sutter-$5
    Limited Phenoms auto Brandon Pirri /299-$7
    UD Cup Chriography Bubby hull /50-$30
    Dominion brand Logo Patrick Kane /6-$45
    UD SPX Winning Combos Kane/Hossa-$6
    Dominion Base /10 Corey Crawford-$10

    SPA Dual auto vokoun/hasek-$25
    ITG H&P Yzerman/Connolly jsy-$12
    Lux suite jsy Lidstrom-$5
    Lux suite dual Holmstrom/Franzen-$5
    UD Game jersey Yzerman-$6
    Lux suite rc Emmerton-$3
    OPCP orig 6 auto Ted Lindsay-$12
    limited Phenoms Spotlight/50 Dave hanson-$15

    UD SPGU dual patch Vokoun/Hasek-$20
    Dominion patch Duncan Keith-$10
    ITG 1972 jsy gold /10 Stan Mikita-$25
    Dominion ruby auto Denis Savard-$18
    Crown Royale all kings men auti jsy Patrick Kane-$25
    Dominion Stickside sigs Tony Esposito /10-$50
    Dominion patch Denis Savard-$12

    UD SOTT Toews -$30
    UD SPA FW auto Byfuglien-$12
    Bap dual auto huet/campbell-$6
    Tony esposito OPC RC-$35
    Zenith rc auto Jermy Morin-$5
    Contenders rc auto Jeremy Morin-$5
    ITG Ultimate dual auto HUll/Yzerman-$75
    PArkhurst auto Bill Barber-$6

    Bap rc auto Shea Weber-$8
    UD SPA FW auto Shea Weber-$sold
    UD THE CUP patch auto Radulov-$30
    Contenders leather larceny Pekka Rinne 35/50-$$30
    UD SPX RC Linus Klasen /25-$5
    ITG BTP jsy balck Pekka Rinne-$6
    UD BAP auto Dan Hamhuis-$5
    UD SPA FW patch Santorelli-$12
    UD Ultimate auto Grabner$8

    UD SPGU dual jsy Giroux/richards-$6
    Limited jsy Giroux-$6
    certified jsy /25 Roenick-$12
    UD Artifacts auto Downie-$5
    Bobby Clarke OPC rc-$45
    Stubble Lindros insert-$5
    Untouchables Lindros insert-$5
    UD Ultimate Jeff carter Patch-$8
    ITG Ultimate fight strap Tony Amonte 1/1-$65

    UD Sweet shot auto Parent-$25
    Limited giroux Expo insert /5-$10
    ITG BTP Lindbergh pad /10-$70
    UD Game Jersey Van Riemsdyk-$3
    UD RC materials Couturier-$5
    UD Sweet stitches Radulov-$6
    Bap rc jsy O'reilly-$5

    UD SPX rc jsy auto Bieksa-$10
    UD exclusive HG Bieksa /10-$20
    UD SPGU Dual auto Bieksa/Bourdon-$75
    UD rc jsy bieksa/jackman 003/999!!!-$10
    ITG 1972 Don Lever auto-$20
    UD MVP dual jsy Cujo/Cloutier-$8
    UD SPA Sott Kesler-$8
    UD Artifacts dual jsy Jovo/Joseph-$5

    Zenith yours truly auto Rypien-$sold
    ITG Tribute auto Bourdon-$75
    Limited auto Daniel Sedin /25-$15
    BAP auto Edler /15-$25
    Limited legend auto Potvin /25-$35
    Ultimate Debut threads Hansen-$5
    Bap hansen RC 1/1-$60
    Private signings Rypien-$40
    UD Game jsy auto Pavel Bure /25-$sold

    Bap dual auto bourdon/morrison-$10
    ITG BTP stick /10 Cloutier-$20
    SPX Dual Patch Sedin brothers /15-$40
    Limited jumbo jsy Kesler-$15
    ITG Decades jsy silver Williams-$12
    Crown Royale patch Legwand-$8
    UD Artifacts jsy H Sedin-$4
    Crown Royale patch H Sedin /15-$20

    UD exclusive HG Bieksa /10-$20 each
    Bieksa (non auto) rc's-$5 each
    UD BAP auto Burrows-$6
    Kirk Mclean auto-$10
    Bieksa rc patch auto-$20
    UD BAP Bieksa uto /15-$20

    UD Black marks of obsidian auto JS Giguere /35-$10
    UD SPGU Team marks uato Federko-$15
    Certified emerald auto Bryzgalov /5-$20
    Certified auto Connie Madigan SP-$20
    ITG H&P number auto /6 Eberle-$80
    Crown Royale lineage patch Benn/Morrow/Modano 14/25!!!-$30
    Titanium rc Peter holland /74-$20
    UD Black quad jsy auto Kovalchuk-$25
    Certified FOTG Shane doan patch /10-$15

    Limited Jumbo jersey Rene bourque-$8
    UD SPGU Tavares/Bailey auto /25-$28
    Crown scratching the surface auto Brendan Morrow-$5
    ITG BTP auto Rogie Vachon-$10
    UD CUP Enshirnements auto Phaneuf-$15
    UD CUP Enshirnements auto Dionne-$15
    UD Trilogy legend patch Dionne-$18
    ITG Ultimate complete jersey Theo Fluer 9/9-$50

    Dominion corey perry auto-$15
    UD SPA dual auto Hossa/Gaborik-$15
    UD SPA dual auto Mullen/Modano-$20
    Dominion auto Eric Staal-$10
    Crown Royale patch auto /25 Bobby Ryan-$15
    Parkhurst rc jsy gold /10 Robitaille-$20
    certified jr leagacy Iginla/Doan-$10
    Dominion auto Steve Mason-$10

    UD Cup Limited logogs Eric Staal-$30
    UD SPGU Dual auto SP Gilles/Bossy /10-$30
    UD SPGU auto Rogie Vachon-$10
    Crown Royale all kings men Dustin Brown patch-$20
    Limited jsy auto Vokoun /25-$10
    UD ICE glacial auto Drew Doughty-$8
    UD CUP Foundation quad jsy Ovechkin-$20
    UD CUP Honorable numbers Milan Hejduk /23-$35

    ITG H&P auto SP Taylor Hall-$30
    ITG H&P jersey silver Stamkos-$10
    Crown royale all kings men auto Jeff Carter-$15
    ITG 1972 summit auto Rod Gilbert SSP-$50
    ITG H&P Letter 1/1 Troy Rutkowski-$30
    ITG BTP intl crease pavelec/vokoun/hasek-$20
    UD Trilogy jsy auto Jeoffrey lupul /10-$25
    UD CUP Limited logos Milan Hejduk-$35

    UD CUP scripted swatches Joe Mullen-$30
    Crown royale loyalty patch Brendan Morrow-$8
    UD Sweet shot sig sticks auto Jack Johnson/25-$20
    OPC quad jsy niedermayer/richards/ward/giguere-$10
    UD SPGU auto Kovalchuk-$15
    UD ICE fresh threads patch /15 Cogliano-$10
    UD SPGU inked sweaters Roloson-$8
    ITG BTP jsy gold Curtis Joseph /10-$30

    UD Cup rc pact hauto rainbow Carcillo /13-$40
    Dominion patch /10 Jordan Eberle-$25
    UD Cup rc patch aut Roman Polak-$15
    Dominion rc patch auto black 1/1 Colton Sceviour-$100
    UD Black quad jsy auto Jack johnson-$15
    ITG BTP Franchise gold Halak/Joseph/Hall /10-$70
    UD Black auto Joe Mullen-$10
    UD Cup sig patch Phaneuf-$15
    Crown Royale lineage patch Landeskog/hejduk/duchene /25-$20

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    Any Philadelphia Flyers stuff? I'd be more then happy to take a look at it and buy if price was right...

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    I will take the premier signings 15/50 for $95.00 delivered. Please post it up and PM me your paypal address.
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    LMK your lowest prices for these:
    Houle Parkhurst AU
    St. Louis Dominion Decades AU
    St. Louis Certified Gold Team AU
    Malkin SP Authentic SOTT AU
    Crosby SP Authentic SOTT AU
    Lidstrom Dominion Franchise JSY
    Zetterberg Luxury Suite Stick/JSY
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    Thanks to everyone who sent PM's and messages. I was away from the computer for a day and I am currently working of replying to everyone in order. I was intending to put up more scans but I don't think i will be getting around to that until tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and I WILL get back to you.

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    PM sent - BUMP
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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