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    Nationals in Chicago this summer


    I am a collector from Austria, Europe and will attend the Nationals in Chicago this summer. I have already been to the Nationals 4 Times (2x Cleveland, 2x Chicago) and would like to set up my own showcase for the First time this year.

    I would love to share a table / booth with one / a couple other persons. I will mainly set up Basketball/Football with maybe some Hockey involved as well. (All modern)

    Please contact me via pm for Details and a possible cooperation!

    We buy BKB/FB/HK collections and accept consignments

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    Username: stivsolovienna; ebay: european_top-cards; e-mail: Hidden Content

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    Check the announcement forum. Doniceage has the official SCF Nationals thread going. YOu may get some takers in there...

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