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Thread: Gibraltar Trade Center Show

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    Gibraltar Trade Center Show


    When we were asked to do a redemption for Motown Madness at the Gibraltar Trade Center Show this weekend, we were told that the once mighty card show was a shadow of itself with maybe one or two wax dealers.

    Because of our loyal collector base in the Detroit/Windsor area, we committed to do the show. We stamped 1/1 on the game-used memorabilia card and the autograph cards in order to have about 300 redemption cards.

    From the beginning of the show, we have been overwhelmed at the response. Box and case breakers swarmed our table, so much that the show promoters received complaints from our neighbors that the crowd was blocking their tables.

    By 12:00 on Saturday it looked like we were going to run out of stamped 1/1 redemption cards.

    That's good and bad. Good that the reaction to this product and this redemption was so positive and bad that some collectors who bought boxes with the intention of breaking them at the show, would be shutout.

    At 12:00, I made the "executive" decision to offer collectors their choice of a 1/1 stamped redemption card (until they ran out) or a 1/10 unique memorabilia card that we would produce after the show and send to the collectors.

    In that way, no one who wanted to break our product at the show would be disappointed. A perfect solution? No, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

    Thank you to everyone attending the show and breaking Motown Madness, I am "blown away" by your response. Thank you to the staff at the Gibraltar Trade Center for your understanding and thank you to our staff member Dan Hurst who has been working his "buns" off at the show.

    Brian Price

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    A tip of the cap to you Dr. Price for going above and beyond for the very loyal and passionate Detroit-area Red Wings fans. It is great to hear that they enjoy the product in such numbers and will get an extra thank you for their support.
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    Brian I fist bumped you after you handed me that sweet Datsyuk 1/1 autograph..

    Id rather buy your product than anything Panini puts out.. I hit a Sugar Ray auto / Nolan Ryan Logoman hat card in the same pack. Hook ever since..

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    The show was awesome Dr. Price and the cards were even better!! Thank you for creating such and amazing set!!

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    I was there. Dr. Price is a total class act and one of the best people in the business.

    I would love to see what he could do one day with an NHL license. I heard he turned one down earlier this year though..

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    Dr. Price,

    Visited the Gibraltar show and had a very good time. My son wouldn't hear of opening Motown Madness (he hates the Wings and said he didn't know any of the players - he's only 9) , so we had to settle with two boxes of Heroes and Prospects. (Lesson to fathers out there, don't make a promise to let your kids chose the boxes on a giveaway day. :) Anyways, still cracked them open at the IN The Game land and had a great discussion with Dan. Brian, Dan is a class act and a great ambassador for your company. Not only did I enjoy myself with our numerous discussions, but he had a blast quizzing my son about the OHL and its players. All in all a great time despite not coming away with any giveaways from the promotion.
    Keep up the great products.

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