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    WTTF 2012-13 Motown Madness Red base

    I am trying to put an end too this set.I would prefer to trade for at least small lots.
    I will also buy if the price is fair.PLMK by PM if possible as it will get a much quicker response.I have just added scans of my traders of the same set.

    2012-13 ITG Motown Madness Red Base Cards

    57 Dominik Hasek
    70 Larry Jeffrey
    116 Bob Probert

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    Still looking for these cards.PLMK

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    Still trying to trade for these cards.PLMK

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    Picked up a few.PLMK if you can help.I have about 40 doubles to trade toward ones I need if you are working on a set yourself.PLMK

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    Try my want list again.PLMK

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    Down to just needing 3 more for my set.I will buy or trade.PLMK

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