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    check me for the luck or bryce harper thanks

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    redneck: sorry I cant do $250, the 2006 GOTG tend to go for around $125-$150

    49charged: I can use the Luck absolute auto

    Lucky: sorry, not really looking for Charles right now

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    fishtaco: sorry didnt see anything I can use right now

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    What would you sell the Eli Auto for?
    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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    GoGiants: Id rather trade it, if I had to say a price probably around $150-$175\

    giantfan: some cool stuff just nothing I can use right now

    danbronco: I can use the Elway auto, PLMK thanks

    32magic: All I really saw was PC

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