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    The latest - rare Kurri, traders, hobby generosity, nice and varied.

    One of my better S&Ts, if I must say so myself. Maybe nothing to break anyone's bank, but lots of good stuff IMO.

    Kurri and Gretz together, had to have one.

    Been wanting this one for awhile, and as seems to happen, two came along: 7/14 and 8/14

    OK, excited about this one. Had never seen one, and really not sure the story on this one. Front and back shown.

    The next three were simply gifted, which just floors me. Trememdous hobby generosity.

    My first GU of this old Oiler.

    Looking to pick up gu/autos of class Blues, and this is one my first.

    These have been shown, but still recent pickups and all for trade.

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    I collect: Kurri, '70s Kelloggs and Topps hockey, football, and baseball cards, vintage stars and World Series subset cards.

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    Sweet SOTT! I don't recall ever seeing that one myself. Nice getting two consecutively numbered numbered cards like that, too. Great additions to your Kurri pc!

    I just got this redemption in a couple of days ago from a box break of 11-12 Ultimate. LMK if you're interested.

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    I don't know how on earth I missed this! Lots of great stuff and congrats on the pickups. Glad to see that Kurri SOTT arrived safely. Pretty cool that you got consecutive Kurri autos that came along around the same time as well.

    Great work!
    Collecting: auto's and game used patches of Jari Kurri, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey and other 80's Oilers. Also looking Ed Belfour autos. For all players, it doesn't matter what team they are shown with.

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    love the Dryden, some of that Kurri stuff not bad too :P
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    2- Montreal Canadiens Centennial auto'd (current count: 125)
    3- Brian Gionta 10-11 Panini Certified Mirror Emerald, Black and Big men jersey auto
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    Glad you got the Franchises cards safely, they look better in your PC than mine.

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