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    Looking to my first trade who wants to be it!!?!???!?!

    Here's my bucket I collect logo patch cards or dirty patch or jersey cards such as grass stain or dirt ststain here's my photobucket

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    I am interested in the following.
    McCluster/Mathews/Thomas/McClain 2010 Topps Prime 4th Quarter Jerseys/175
    Ryan Mathews 2010 Absolute RPM
    Supercollecting: LT, Antonio Gates, Hakeem Olajuwon and Jose Canseco
    Will trade for: Nice Chargers Autos/GU
    Want GU/Autos Chipper Jones
    Also looking for... 2012 Topps Olympic Team cards that I don't have yet
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    Malcolm Kelly National Treasures Patch Auto
    Josh Freeman KSU Jersey
    George Bush Relic


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    See if you can see anything at all for the Willie Lanier. Thanks
    My main wants are Chiefs, Vikings, and Twins. Also like Torrey Smith and Matt Forte. I mainly like to trade by BV.
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    Esmith22collector. Please let me know If I have something for the WIllie Lanier:
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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