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    WTTF: Malcolm Lee (Timberwolves) RCs

    PLMK if you happen to have any unsigned RCs of Malcolm Lee of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Just one is fine, but I could take two or three if you have them. I'll trade in your favor, even if it is for just one card. PLMK. Thanks!

    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    I've got a Malcom Lee Prizm Prism and a Elite Inscriptions Auto if your interested, also i was looking over your other posts and if your still looking for Jon Leur i have a Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Auto, lmk if interested. Pretty open to what i would trade for with Knicks being a plus. thanks.

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    Gotta Prizm of Malcom Lee do you have any OKC Thunder current player RCS?

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    I can use it! I don't have any RCs of any current Thunder players, though...are you by chance looking for anything else? PLMK. Thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    Do you have anything but base, Thunder, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Damien Lillard, Willie Warren, and Eric Bledsoe? I'd also trade it for anthing that catches my eye.

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    Nothing of any of those players...I actually traded two parallel RCs of Willie Warren not too long ago. But does anything here interest you? PLMK. Thanks!

    06-07 Hardcourt Copper Charlie Villanueva parallel #/199
    09-10 Upper Deck Sophomore Sensations O.J. Mayo insert
    09-10 Upper Deck Masterpieces O.J. Mayo insert
    10-11 Timeless Treasures Darren Collison base #/399
    10-11 Totally Certified Red Darren Collison parallel #/499
    10-11 Totally Certified Blue Darren Collison parallel #/299
    12-13 Hoops John Henson RC
    12-13 Panini Prestige Dion Waiters RC
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    Like the Dion, Collison/299, and the Villanueva. Do you have an offer?

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    I'd trade you any one of those for the Malcolm Lee Prizm RC. PLMK. Thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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