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Thread: todays call for Boldin autos

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    todays call for Boldin autos

    plz check my site if you have Boldin autos for trade.

    the ones i already had are on my pc page

    willing to trade pc for those 'hard to get' boldin autos

    thanks in advance

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    hey man I have deal that I thought was final last time we talked but It looks like it will fall through w/ this card dual foundations auto of boldin/thorpe/50 LMK if interested thanks

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    yeah i want it.

    any chance we can trade?

    if your selling I may have to wait til

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    I would rather sell, but will trade as well do you have a site/list I could look at lmk thanks

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    I liked your larry johnson SPA auto lmk if not I can get you a price lmk thanks

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    lmk what you would sell for. im on the fence on trading the larry. is that boldin/thorpe a reflections card as well? i forget

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    no its a foundations and its#ed to 50 I would sell it for 14 lmk thanks

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