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    2013 TriStar Bay Area Show - Taking Orders for Autographs

    2013 TriStar Bay Area Show (April 19-21)

    I know it's a way off, but tickets are on sale. I wanted to see if anyone here would like autographs from players that will be there (mostly current SF Giants/49ers and other Bay Area sports legends). I am taking orders for any and all players, as I will be attending all 3 days with a Priority Pass (first in line for all players regardless of ticket number, so you can get a fresh signature!).

    If you would like an autograph from a player, there are a few options on how this can be done. Whichever you may be more comfortable with is fine with me:

    1) You could send me the money (PayPal or money order) and I would buy the tickets under my name. I would pick them up at Will Call at the show. Confirmation email receipt will be forwarded as evidence.
    2) You can buy the tickets and request physical mailing of the tickets to my address for convenience. (I cannot pick them up at Will Call if you buy them, as they require the cardholder to do so.)
    3) You can buy the tickets, have them physically sent to your address, and then send me everything when you're good to go.

    You would pay for the price of the ticket order, the cost of return shipping, and a small commission (after all PayPal/shipping costs) with a negotiable discount for larger orders. You would send me your items after the order is placed. In general, I would charge the following fee per item:

    "Regular items" such as flats up to 8x10, baseballs and mini helmets: $5 per item
    "Premium items" such as full-size jerseys, helmets and bats: $10 per item

    Any and all ticket orders ship April 1st from TriStar, so timing may be an issue if you request them to your address and then ship to me. I can also buy items at the show if you don't have any yet. I have 4 authentication tickets - I won't be using them as the stuff I will get for myself is PC - so they are first come, first serve for the first 4 orders (one per order) for FREE if you would like one!

    All return shipping will be insured with delivery confirmation unless you request otherwise. Additional services (such as purchasing items for you at the show) would be at your cost. All orders are subject to the limitations posted on TriStar's page above.

    Please PM me for questions or details, thanks!

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    They've added LaMichael James, Joe Montana and Brandon Belt.

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    I just sent my multi signed 8x10 off to be signed but I could have used Frank Thomas!! Still waiting on Bonds to due something in the SF area as I need him on a couple items.

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