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    What would this 1958 topps jim brown grade at?

    i would like to get other people opinions on this thanks

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    I would say probably 4 or 5.
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    alright thanks! that helps a lot that is what i was thinking 4.5-5.5 not sure how the half grades work though hahaha but it always makes me feel better hahaha

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    I just saw the bigger cant grade a 5, or even a 4.....the centering is 100/0 one way on front

    Poor 1
    Centering: 100/0 or offcut on front or back. Heavy diamond cutting is allowed.
    Corners: Heavily rounded or heavily notched with noticeable layering.
    Edges: Destructive chipping, notching or layering.
    Surface: Severe print spots. Heavy creases. Severe color or focus imperfections. Heavy border discoloration. Severe stains. No original gloss. Heavy scuffing or a severe tear.
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    alright i just measured the card here is my numbers hope this helps with the grading

    top%/bottom%- 3%/97%
    side%/side%- 33%/66%

    and lets say BVG grades it since psa is a harder grade or better yet give both a PSA and a BVG grading thanks for all the help

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    and the top corners were cut off when it was scanned but they are better then the bottom

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