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    My Cards For Your Card Cash

    100CC = $1.00 (SCF ratio)
    Only sell for orders 50CC+
    All prices are solid, no negotiating
    List updated daily (Will add cards later tonight)

    Corey Perry - Victory Rookie 50CC
    Drew Miller - MVP Rookie 25CC
    Bobby Ryan - MVP Rookie 50CC
    Bobby Ryan - OPeeChee Marquee Rookie 50CC
    Drew Miller - OPeeChee Marquee Rookie 50CC
    Jonas Hiller - OPeeChee Marquee Rookie 50CC
    Bobby Ryan - OPeeChee Retro Rookie 50CC
    Bobby Ryan - Ovation Rookie
    Andrew Ebbett - Artifacts Rookie /999 300CC
    Andrew Ebbett - OPeeChee Marquee Rookie 50CC
    Andrew Ebbett - Victory Rookie 50CC
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