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Thread: Hello from Upstate New York

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  2. Kronozio
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    Quote Originally Posted by waldron78 View Post
    Thanks Ed, and Zack.

    Giant, there is one, but its mostly older cards and collectibles. I actually have been meaning to get down to the Westchester one this month because Jay Novacek is going to be there doing signings. How do you like the show?
    I do really well there. Especially at the East Coast National. Let me know if your gonna go.

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    Welcome to SCF Matt. Wish you the best of luck with your cowboys collection.
    I am an avid Atlanta Braves fan. I don't collect cards anymore but do buy a pack here and there. I just had a son that I hope to get into collecting when he gets a little older. I constantly keep up with Braves news.
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    Welcome to SCF Matt! We have some really great traders here including a lot of Cowboy fans. Enjoy being a part of our community.


    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    Thanks guys, hoping to be able to work some deals and trades with people as I get situated here.

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    Hey Matt, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!
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    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos
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