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    Lol...I thank you for the love...but there are some amazing cards on here as well...all fantastic so seeing the vintage stuff!! :)

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    not a lot of hockey but

    how about scotty bowman rookie

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    This is so difficult for me to pick one card, a lot of cards in my collection would qualify for this week seeing as how I collect Cujo. I am going to go with this:

    Great cards so far everyone :)

    I collect Curtis Joseph

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    Holy Buddha..........I was cleaning up for weeks in the contest at the start, you people are KILLING me now!!
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    Im gonna stick with the Toronto theme going on here

    TOP WANTS 07/08 ITG Ultimate Cornerstones /9
    any and all

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    While I hold no illusions of winning this, I think I finally have a card that isn't totally reaching (ie: Barry Brust)

    2010-11 ITG Famous Fabric Inks Hockey Edition Bill Hay "Stanley Cup Winner" Bill Hay 1/1 Cut Auto (Chicago Blackhawks)

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    Not seeing to much Boston cards so I will enter this one.

    Hidden Content Collecting: Claude Giroux, Rick Nash, Eric Staal, Rookies and Auto's

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    My favourite set, and my favourite card from that set!

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