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    San Jose Earthquakes 50/50 (MLS)

    Taking 50/50s for the San Jose Earthquakes again this season. They practice five minutes away and are very easy to get. Taking cards and 8x10s, let me know if you wanting anything else. Here's a roster with some of the cards each player has.

    Alashe, Fatai
    2015 Topps

    Amarikwa, Quincy
    2010 UD, 2015 Topps

    Barrera, Leandro

    Bernárdez, Victor
    Honduras International Player
    2010 Panini World Cup Stickers #605, 2013 Topps, 2014 Panini World Cup Stickers, 2014 Topps Chrome, 2014 Topps, 2015 Topps

    Bingham, David

    Cato, Cordell

    Emeghara, Innocent
    Switzerland International

    Francis, Shaun

    Fucito, Mike
    2012 UD

    Gomez, Tomas

    Goodson, Clarence
    USA International
    2014 Panini World Cup Stickers, 2014 Topps Chrome, 2014 Topps, 2015 Topps

    Jahn, Adam

    Koval, JJ

    Lenhart, Steven
    2010 UD, 2011 UD, 2011 SP Game Used, 2012 UD, 2013 Topps, 2014 Topps Chrome, 2014 Topps, 2015 Topps MLS

    Meredith, Bryan

    Nyassi, Sanna
    2009 UD, 2010 UD, 2012 UD,

    Perez Garcia, Matias

    Pierazzi, Jean-Baptiste
    Coming from the French League, may have some cards/stickers
    2014 Topps Chrome, 2015 Topps Chrome

    Renato, Paulo

    Salinas, Shea M
    2010 UD, 2011 UD, 2012 MLS, 2015 Topps

    Sherrod, Mark

    Stephenson, Khari
    2012 UD, 2013 Topps

    Stewart, Jordan
    Has some cards from the English Premier League in the mid 2000s
    2015 Topps

    Thompson, Tommy
    2015 Topps

    Wondolowski, Chris
    US International
    2010 UD, 2010 UD World of Sports, 2011 UD, 2011 SP Game Used, 2011 UD World of Sports, 2012 UD, 2013 Topps, 2014 Topps, 2014 Topps Chrome, 2015 Topps

    Wynne, Marvell
    2006 UD, 2007 UD, 2008 UD, 2009 UD, 2010 UD, 2011 SP Game Used, 2011 UD, 2011 UD World of Sports, 2013 Topps, 2014 Topps,

    Official Roster:

    I can also get the other teams traveling to play the Earthquakes, minus the huge stars such as Dempsey or Gerrard. Message me for more info.
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    Bump, still have spots for every player

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    Wondolowski, Chris 8 x 10

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    We are seeing alot of posts for 50/50's and just wanted to be sure that these transactions were following these guidelines:

    1~You must use the SCF trade manager.
    2~Dates items to be mailed back must be included in trade manager.
    3~It must be a true 50/50 attempt. Do not send more than 2 items for each one attempted to be signed and returned.
    4~Everything sent must be listed.
    5~Who is paying return postage must be specified in the trade manager as part of the trade.
    6~All 50/50 trades must be understood that they are attempting to get the items signed and that may not happen.
    7~Must Send First Tagged members can not do 50/50 events as the signer.
    These rules are in place as we have had a few issues in the past with 50/50 transactions and the trades were never posted? We need you all to follow these guidelines to help protect you from any protential scam.

    If you are unsure how to post a trade in the SCF Trade Manager, the tutorial is linked below
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
    Go Mets, Colts, Reds and The Ohio State University
    Hidden Content

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    Thanks for posting up the rules

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    Bump for the new MLS season! Taking items again, cards and 8x10s

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    Bump for the 2015 season, already have been having great success with the team!

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